Building of the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (QFIS) is one of the most innovative, socially sensitive and structurally outstanding construction of Qatar. Animative contributed to this project as designer and implementer of the acoustic and electro-acoustic system of the QFIS Mosque, which serves the whole Education City. Inside the Mosque, the quality of electro-acustics, the sound experience for visitors was far below the required levels. The previously installed system was incapable of properly handling the voice of the imam. Challenge of the project was designing and setting the appropriate acoustical parameters of the interior space without changing the superficial characteristics of the boundary walls, or the geometry of the interior. Moreover, relatively large height and volume of the interior space, as well as the curved walls and ceiling affect the acoustic environment in an unfavourable way.

This is where Animative came into play. With the involvement of other industry experts we have designed and implemented a new acoustics system, that resulted in major improvements in the sound experience inside the Mosque.